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We achieved ISO 9001-2001 certificate descriptions

  • A set of procedures that cover all key processes in thebusiness
  • Monitoring processes to ensure they are effective
  • Keeping adequate records
  • Checking output for defects, with appropriate andcorrective action where necessary
  • Regularly reviewing individual processes and the qualitysystem itself for effectiveness
  • Facilitating continuous improvement

Product Testing – British Standard BS6206

We received the British Standard for Safety Glass, which requires the glass to pass tests involving impact from a weighted bag. Provided the glass does not break, or breaks safely, it is categorised as Class A, B, or C (with A being the highest grade). BS6206 is important because building regulations require Safety Glass in certain critical installations (notably in and around doors and low windows).

Glass – Safety

The following short guide is necessarily worded in a general way and cannot cover every circumstance.It is intended only as a guide for manufacturers, suppliers and installers of new and replacement glass and glazing products for domestic use. Additionally the content is relevant to UK – domestic situations only.

Where glass and glazing products are supplied for domestic use (such as conservatories, garages, double glazing, porches) they must comply with the ‘General Safety Requirement’ of the General Product Safety Regulations 1994 (GPSR). This requires consumer products to be reasonably safe and this may be achieved by conforming with British Standard BS 6262: Part 4: 1994 (as detailed below) with reference to the Approved Document N of the Building Regulations 1991.